3D Printer Assembled Me Creator Mini Desktop Kit With 2004 Display 0.3mm Nozzle 1.75mm Material


Motherboard: Sanguinololu V1.3a
Extruder: MK8
Print range: 150 x 150 x 150mm
Machine size: 300 x 290 x 300mm (L x W x H)
Material: 1.75mm (ABS / PLA) (not included)
Nozzle: 0.3mm
Heating platform structures: Aluminum + hot bed
Printing precision: 0.1mm
Calibration platform height does not require spanner
Operating voltage: Input 110V/220V output 12V
Package weight: About 11kg
Net weight: About 9.3kg
Software: Repeiter host, Pronteface
Can be printed STL files
Compativle Windows, Mac, Linux

Hotbed description:

Size: 150 x 150mm
Material: PCB
Support: ABS / PLA
Power supply: 12V / 12A
Power: 140W
Max. temperature: 120°C


This kit is not included filament.
This is a assembled kit, you don’t need to install it by yourself.

Manual: Click here to open

Package included:

1 x Me Creator Mini Desktop 3D Printer
1 x 2004 Display Module
1 x Power
1 x USB cable
1 x Tube
1 x Tool